Facial Rejuvenation

A few months ago a friend and I were chatting over a coffee and she was saying how these days she looks at herself in the mirror and doesn’t recognize her reflection, she felt she looked tired and worn out at 9 am in the morning. She also commented on how even though she looked after herself, her children and life in general had aged her, she wished she could look fresher, not frozen or plastic but just that touch more youthful to make herself feel better.

I was genuinely surprised, my friend is stunning, but it made me realise everyone wants to feel happy when they look in the mirror, nobody needs facial rejuvenation but it may make some people feel better within themselves 

I looked into further advanced training in administering facial rejuvenation solution and attended the bob khanna training institute, the UK`s leading facial cosmetic practitioner.

Harpreet Saduera

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