upper jaw expansion

This first article presents Key #1, A Fully Developed Upper Jaw, A well-developed upper jaw creates strong, balanced facial contours and the potential for an unforgettable smile. Consider the parade of cover girls you have seen or the “movie star smile” exemplified by the picture below of a patient treated by Full Face Orthodontics.
It is important to understand that most patients that seek orthodontic treatment have a narrow upper jaw. In fact, the Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth book, includes a study by an orthodontist who found that 95% of the untreated new patients coming to his office had a narrow upper jaw. In correcting a narrow upper jaw to ideal, as the first Key states, it needs to be known that this is an achievable goal for a person at any age. A key principle to understand—and one that traditional dentistry has not yet recognized—is that the mid-palatal suture remains viable and living all throughout life and therefore permits significant expansion of the upper jaw at any stage of life. We dentists were incorrectly taught in dental school that this mid-palatal suture calcifies over and that the two adjacent bones become fused together at around ages twelve to fourteen. Note the dramatic change in the before and after pictures shown below taken of a patient in her late thirties who was treated with extremely slow orthopedic methods plus low force, low friction braces—without extractions or surgery.

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