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Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry

Allow us to make you smile!

A smile is the universal language of happiness, one of the most important and immediate of facial features that people recognise and judge about you…

Here, at the Park Dental Clinic, we offer a full range of cosmetic dental treatments to help you look and feel your best. We believe we can improve your dental health, giving you confidence in a caring and high quality environment.

Tooth Whitening... Wow with a white smile!

Losing the colour of your teeth is a part of the ageing process, and can be aggravated by elements that stain such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. Tooth whitening can be used to instantly improve the radiancy of any smile, without harming the structure of the tooth. You can choose from the simplest home whitening kits, convenient laser whitening for those wanting an instant result and the brand Enlighten bleaching for those wanting a guaranteed sparkling result. So, whether its for a wedding, birthday or simply a treat because "You're worth it" let us make you smile!


A veneer simply, is a fine porcelain facing that fits over the surface of the tooth.
This is a conservative technique used to correct crowding in the mouth, cover badly broken or stained teeth, reshape teeth or to close gaps.

A story about Melissa...

Melissa had been a patient of mine and had always been very anxious about seeing a dentist, she was also very self conscious about her smile. She spoke to me about her smile as she was due to get married in the months ahead and wanted to have a beaming smile for the camera, as these would be her lasting memeories of her most special day. At that time, I was a general dentist offering routine treatments but her confidence in me made me take part in the Aesthetic Advantage course, and provide her with the smile she longed for. Melissa wanted a natural smile that nobody would notice as being different but would simply correct the aspects she was unhappy with. Melissa is still with me today and her transformation is immense, she is confident and is always smiling, and she always makes me smile!

Smile makeover

This incorporates all aspects of cosmetic treatments. This can include crowns, bridges, white fillings, veneers and tooth whitening.
This is usually an extensive rehabilitation of the mouth and is largely concentrated on improving the health of the mouth first and then restoring to give a dazzling healthy smile.

If you feel the way I did, hiding your smile, hating your teeth, lacking in self confidence... have a chat with Dr Harpreet and her team at the Park Dental Clinic, a truly five star dental practice. The team at the Park Dental Clinic don't just deliver, they advise, prepare, discuss and then they deliver, fit and leave you with a smile on your face as well as theirs, simply because they have achieved your dream!
Alan Stringer Derby

Dr Harpreet K Saduera BDS (Manc) MFGDP (RCSUK) Cert. Clin Ed (Sheff)

Dr Harps is the principal partner and cosmetic dentist at the Park Dental Clinic. She has undertaken the world renowned Aesthetic Advantage course, run by the "dentist to the stars" Larry Rosenthal. She is currently studying for a Masters degree from the prestigious University of Manchester in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry.

She has a firm commitment to continuing professional development and has been an approved trainer of newly qualified dentists for the past 11 years, for the Health Education East Midlands deanery.

Her greatest passion is her patients, their health and being able to provide dentistry they can trust and smile with!

Before I came to the Park Dental clinic, I was terrified of anything to do with dentistry. Over the years, I have received exemplary care, treatment and follow up...I would recommend anyone who has been in my shoes, where you been concerned about who can provide you with dental treatment that you can treasure in safe hands, you cant go any further than my favourite dentist, Harps, at the Park Dental Clinic.
David Roberts. JDR Derby

Thank you for your kind support and for being a very caring dentist. I really appreciate it.
R Tamber. Derby

Many thanks for the care and attention, over the years both to Mum and Dad. Your kindness was much appreciated.
Anonymous Derby

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