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Why Choose Dr Moss Osman Dentist for your Dental implants and Cosmetic Dentistry?
Dr. Moss Osman's Artistic Eye For Beauty Is Priceless
  • Discuss options you never knew were possible…
  • Experience and care of one of the worlds best…
  • Be treated like the royalty you are…
  • Enjoy the smile you deserve!

When choosing a dental Implant surgeon with cosmetic knowledge to design your smile, you must have trust, in dentist's ability to deliver you that dream smile you always wanted.

Dr Moss Osman and his twenty plus years of expertise in Cosmetic, Dental Implants and mouth Dental reconstruction, he is a top cosmetic dentist who thrives to deliver the best smile you can wear, possible. He treats you like a friend with great respect, in the most serene comfortable dental environment, with genuine care, to deliver you the best you deserve, like his own mouth.

His philosophy of dental care is to utilize the least invasive dentistry possible, and the conservation of your tooth structure, to show case your smile in which will last you a life time.

You can look at many before and after pictures of his work, to realize his keen eyes and artistic ability.

His track record of full mouth reconstruction has lasted beautifully in his patient's mouth for more than 15 years and still functioning. When it comes to best and sophisticated Dental implant cosmetic dentistry, which is an elective procedure, finding the best dentist is more important than the price. Dr Moss Osman is a highly trained who treats other dentists and have many clients flying across the world to have him complete their Reconstructive Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

What will happen on your first appointment?

You will get to meet Dr Moss Osman, in which your needs will be discussed. After the review of your past medical and dental history, he will be doing a cursory exam to obtain your present dental condition, and will probably let you know what records are needed, so he can evaluate, diagnose, and present a treatment plan to reach your goal. Due to his philosophy of best dental care possible, he will make sure the foundation of your mouth is strong, so the dentistry he delivers will look awesome, feel good and last a long time. The dental treatment he presents will be the ideal dental treatment, and he will go over the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and any risks, so you can make an intelligent decision.

What about after I have got all my dentistry done?

Since we want your dentistry to last a life time, you will be enrolled on Preventative dental care, in which he personally monitors your dental health, so it lasts you a long time. You also will be educated in regards to your mouth to obtain optimal oral health.

So, how do you find the right Dental implant cosmetic dentist?

You should choose your Dental Implants dentist based on his or her training, education, confidence, and how many years he or she has been practicing Dental Implants. Also, you should become informed about how often the dentist performs the specific procedure you want. As an added precaution, you should investigate whether your Dental Implant cosmetic dentist has claims against him or her with respect to the procedure you are considering or with respect to other issues.

Important considerations for your Consultation

Upon your visit for consultation, you should ask the following Top 10 questions to find which Best Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentist fits your needs:

How long have you been performing this specific Dental Implant procedure?

It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something, make sure the dentist is an expert in the procedure you are inquiring about.

How many times have you performed this procedure? How many in the past year?

Even if someone has been proficient in the past, if they have not kept up with it, they will be rusty; you don't need them to use you for practice.

What are the pro's and con's for this procedure?

All procedures have pro's and con's, if they can only tell you the pro's, it means they are afraid to tell you the con's, this is a very bad sign.

What are the risks and benefits of this procedure?

Does this procedure carry a risk of detrimental impact on my life?

Are there any other options I may have?

Some dentists will try and steer you to a procedure they like – make sure it's the right procedure for you!

How many of your patients had to redo, revise, or correct this procedure again?

If patients have to come back to have a procedure corrected frequently, the dentist is probably not an expert in that procedure.

May I review before and after pictures?

We do before and after photos for every single patient, you will see the difference which will amaze you.

Do I have any choices regarding performing the procedure via IV sedation, oral sedation, or with the help of an anesthesiologist so I do not feel anything?

Not everyone is comfortable in a dentist chair; if you face anxiety or resistance to normal dental anesthesia, sedation dentistry may be for you.

May I talk with patients of yours who have had the same procedure as the one I'm interested in?

Not all patients are willing to do this, but if there are satisfied customers, there will be someone willing to talk about it.

Do you have your own master ceramist and do you do custom work on the color and shape of this specific procedure?

You want any implant, bridge or veneer to fit correctly and be colored to match your existing teeth.

Are my gums in satisfactory health before I start this cosmetic procedure? (Periodontal disease can compromise the final outcome of any cosmetic procedure!)

A Full evaluation should precede any procedure.

How many visits and how much time is required to complete this procedure?

Is your schedule going to be burdened more than you realize? It's good to know that going in.

Are there any further costs besides the costs of the procedure itself?

Being surprised by the final cost is never going to make anyone happy!

How do I maintain my Dental implant cosmetic dentistry investment?

Once you have everything the way you want it, you want to ensure that you keep it that way for as long as possible. Knowing how to maintain your teeth after the procedure is critical.

Are there any compromises as far as my dental health (my roots, my gums, and my bone) that I should be aware of?

The last thing my patients are looking for is to compromise their overall dental health. Make sure the procedure won't do more harm than good.

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