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Gum Contouring & Teeth Reshaping

A common cosmetic dental complaint is having a gummy smile. That's when more of your gums than your teeth are on show when you smile. Some people also describe the condition as having "short" teeth, although in most cases this is a misnomer as your teeth are a standard length, but look short because a large part of them is covered by this excess gum tissue.

We like to think of it as being akin to having a beautiful picture in the wrong frame. Your gums are the frames of your teeth, and if the shape or levels of your gums aren't right then your smile won't look right. By altering the shapes of your gums, we can lengthen your teeth and improve your confidence in your smile.

The first thing we will do is to establish the cause of your gummy smile, as they can also be caused by worn-down teeth and by some genetic conditions. For gummy smiles caused by excess gum tissue, we offer a technique called gum contouring.

This treatment is minimally invasive and in most cases can be carried out in one visit to the practice under local anaesthetic. Our experienced dentist will carefully remove any excess gum tissue to expose more of the tooth. If the gum margin is uneven, we will also make it level for all of your teeth.

If some of your teeth are longer than others we can also gently reshape the enamel to make your teeth level. By altering the way your teeth reflect the light we can help to camouflage twisted or misshapen teeth without more invasive procedures, meaning you can have an improved smile very quickly and with minimal intervention.

If some of your teeth are very worn down, as can happen with age and particularly with conditions such as bruxism (tooth grinding), we also offer a range of restorative treatments, including crowns or using tooth-coloured composite material to rebuild worn teeth and make them level.

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