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Prior to my dental treatment at this practice, I was an extremely nervous patient!! Having had so many appointments here. I now feel completely relaxed and comfortable about attending appointments. From the beginning of my treatment everything was always clearly explained and discussed in-depth with me. The cost of my dental treatment was also clearly outlined from the start. Having now had my 'cosmetic' dental treatment, I am extremely pleased with the results! It has completely changed the way I smile and has increased my self-confidence hugely! All the staff were extremely helpful and professional, and were always making me feel very at ease. If I required further cosmetic treatment, I would with no doubt have it completed here again. I am just very grateful for being given my smile back again, so a huge heart-felt thanks to everyone!

Abby Bryant

Moss Osman is an excellent dentist who along with Nicola, his friendly and dedicated dental nurse, reassured me throughout. In fact, the whole team made me feel comfortable and safe with all of my Services. I can now smile with confidence. I'm not an ugly duckling any more.
"Thank you."

Barbara Mitchell

For a long time I thought about having cosmetic dental treatment but didn't know where to start. From my first consultation the Park Dental Clinic were very professional and friendly. I wanted my teeth straightened in time for my wedding, as there was only 12 months to do this, The Inman Aligner was the best and most cost effective option. The brace was comfortable to wear and removable - it only took 4 months for it to work and the results are fantastic


I have now had my new crown a couple of days and I wish I had done it years ago! Such a difference, it feels natural and looks a million times better. The staff have all been really friendly and professional and have helped me cope with my anxiety and nerves before during and after treatment, even making me a cup of tea and encouraging a quiet sit down before needing to return to my work. So thank you to everyone.I will never enjoy coming to the dentist but my experience has been reassuring painless (very important) and I feel I have been given the time and professional attention that I needed.


I have always had a complex about my smile; my teeth were crooked at the front both top and bottom. I would never smile for photographs and I would always find a way to cover my mouth when talking to people. I had very little self esteem and felt ugly because of the comments from other children or from what I could see in the mirror every day.

I had a bad experience at another dentists in London when they tey told me that I would have to wear braces and that nothing else could be done to help straighten my teeth. I thought that there was nothing that anyone could do to help me.

I was really reluctant to go to a new dentist because I thought they would tell me the same - but on the way home from work one night I saw the sign for 'The Park Dental Clinic' and thought that I would try one last time to talk to someone about my teeth.

The staff were so friendly and kind and they listened to me telling them about the issues that I had with my smile without judging me or telling me that I was being silly. They seemed to understand how having bad teeth could effect your self esteem, confidence and happiness. They told me about the different procedures and helped me to decide on the best one. They did not force me in a particular direction, simply informed me of all of the option and then let me make my own decision. I decided to have 8 veneers to helf straighten my smile.

Before the treatment I was excited but nervous at the same time. The staff helped me to relax and showed a great care and professionalism in what they do. They made sure that I was comfortable at all times and that I was ready for each stage of the procedure. I can't thank them enough for all the effort and care they put in to making my smile staighter.

I sometimes forget that I have straight teeth and, out of force of habit, cover my mouth when talking before I realise that I don't have to do that anymore! I'm eternally grateful for the smile that I now have and can now use and for the way that the staff have looked after me before, during and after the procedure.


"Happiness begins with a smile"

My sincere thanks to Dr Osman for the excellent and satisfactory results I received after having ten implants in my upper and lower jawbones. It has restored my confidence in dentistry and feels natural in all my eating habits and was well worthwhile. I can confidently recommend him with confidence to anyone who requires treatment.

David Jones

After visiting a number of dentists over the years, I have finally found one who I trust, the staff at the clinic really do care about the patients and always put you at ease and most importantly the work I have had done has made me smile again.

Alec Higgins