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Total Oral Care

At The Park Dental Clinic, we believe prevention is better than cure. We care about your dental health and always have your long-term interests in mind, which is why we will provide you with complete oral healthcare advice.

We recommend that you attend dental check-ups at least every six months (more frequently if your dentist thinks it necessary) so that we can spot any potential problems as early as possible, avoiding dental emergencies and unnecessary pain and discomfort for you, and ultimately saving you both time and money by reducing the need for more invasive and expensive treatment. An oral cancer check is part of our standard dental check-up because this condition can be difficult to spot, and early detection highly increases the success rate of treatment.

We use the latest techniques and technology to help with our diagnosis. Our digital x-rays have a lower amount of radiation than standard x-rays, and can be viewed straight away. Our intra oral camera enables us to show you any areas of concern inside your mouth, so that you can see the need for treatment yourself, and many of our patients have found it very beneficial to see what their dentist sees. We will never recommend unnecessary treatment.

Dental hygiene is a team effort, meaning that it combines the services of our dentists and hygiene therapist with a good oral healthcare regime. While our hygiene therapist is on-hand to treat gum disease and to thoroughly clean your teeth of plaque and tartar, they will also provide you with bespoke home healthcare advice, including brushing technique and the use of special equipment such as intra dental brushes.

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