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The Park Dental Clinic team will welcome you into the practice on your arrival before introducing you to Dr Moss Osman. We will firstly review your medical and dental history before discussing your dental requirements. Dr Moss Osman will then perform a thorough examination to assess your present dental condition. After this examination is complete, he will evaluate and diagnose the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your wishes, including budgets, advantages, disadvantages, and potential risks so that you can make an informed decision.

Due to Dr Moss Osman's philosophy, high standard of dental care and service, we can guarantee the dentistry delivered will not only functionally and aesthetically feel great but be long-lasting.

From this consultation with Dr Moss Osman, you can then discuss your options further with our highly knowledgeable treatment coordinators and dental clinic team, who will support and care for you throughout your decision making or treatment.

Why Choose Dr Moss Osman Dentist for your Dental implants and Cosmetic Dentistry?

Dr. Moss Osman's Artistic Eye For Beauty Is Priceless

  • Discuss options you never knew were possible…
  • Experience and care of one of the worlds best…
  • Be treated like the royalty you are…
  • Enjoy the smile you deserve!

When choosing a dental Implant surgeon with cosmetic knowledge to design your smile, you must have trust, in dentist's ability to deliver you that dream smile you always wanted.

Dr Moss Osman and his twenty plus years of expertise in Cosmetic, Dental Implants and mouth Dental reconstruction, he is a top cosmetic dentist who thrives to deliver the best smile you can wear, possible. He treats you like a friend with great respect, in the most serene comfortable dental environment, with genuine care, to deliver you the best you deserve, like his own mouth.

His philosophy of dental care is to utilize the least invasive dentistry possible, and the conservation of your tooth structure, to show case your smile in which will last you a life time.

You can look at many before and after pictures of his work, to realize his keen eyes and artistic ability.

His track record of full mouth reconstruction has lasted beautifully in his patient's mouth for more than 15 years and still functioning. When it comes to best and sophisticated Dental implant cosmetic dentistry, which is an elective procedure, finding the best dentist is more important than the price. Dr Moss Osman is a highly trained who treats other dentists and have many clients flying across the world to have him complete their Reconstructive Dental Implant Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

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What will happen on your first appointment?

You will get to meet Dr Moss Osman, in which your needs will be discussed. After the review of your past medical and dental history, he will be doing a cursory exam to obtain your present dental condition, and will probably let you know what records are needed, so he can evaluate, diagnose, and present a treatment plan to reach your goal. Due to his philosophy of best dental care possible, he will make sure the foundation of your mouth is strong, so the dentistry he delivers will look awesome, feel good and last a long time. The dental treatment he presents will be the ideal dental treatment, and he will go over the advantages, disadvantages, benefits and any risks, so you can make an intelligent decision.

What about after I have got all my dentistry done?

Since we want your dentistry to last a life time, you will be enrolled on Preventative dental care, in which he personally monitors your dental health, so it lasts you a long time. You also will be educated in regards to your mouth to obtain optimal oral health.

How do I maintain my Dental implant cosmetic dentistry investment?

Once you have everything the way you want it, you want to ensure that you keep it that way for as long as possible. Knowing how to maintain your teeth after the procedure is critical.

If you have been referred or are registered with another clinic, your own dentist will continue to monitor your dental care.

If you would like to register with the practice, join our bespoke preventative dental care plan and ensure your investment is well looked after, please schedule a new patient examination at our reception. A new patient examination is a charge of £82 and includes a full mouth and periodontal assessment, along with 2 small X-Rays and a detailed treatment plan.

Dr Moss Osman will personally monitor your dental health besides our highly trained Hygienist/Therapist, who will educate you in dental oral health and the techniques that will assist you in maintaining optimum oral health

What Happens Next?

If you wish to proceed with dental implant therapy, we will first begin by taking a CBCT scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography). A CBCT scan will approximately take 15 minutes and is a cost from £99.

Once you have attended your CBCT scan, you will then return for a review appointment to discuss your implant treatment further. During this appointment, we will discuss all options, costings, and timings.

After this appointment, we will then schedule a convenient appointment for your implant placement. Please note, that upon taking dental finance you do require a 2-week cooling off period before treatment can proceed.

2 weeks prior to your placement, you will receive a report and prescription to your chosen address. All reports are sent out recorded delivery. One copy of the report is for your records and the second requires to be signed and dated before being returned on your next visit. Please read the report at your own leisure and if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What To Expect?

First of all, we understand the idea of a surgical dental procedure, which may worry you. We would like to reassure you, that we do everything possible to make this appointment comfortable and pain-free.

Dr Moss Osman will apply a local anaesthetic into the area needed to be treated. We will ensure you are sufficiently numb before we begin, however, please inform us if you feel anything!

Next, we will place the titanium implant screw beneath the gum level which, will integrate with your jawbone. During this part, you may feel a weird sensation but NO pain!

Once this is complete, we suture the area to prevent any infections occurring and encourage healing.

The sutures are dissolvable.

You may experience a small amount of discomfort after the placement, but this will subside with good aftercare and healing. All after care instructions will be given verbally and written but please call the practice on 01332 299700 for any concerns or further questions.

The Final Stages

After your implant placement, we will schedule a review appointment between 8-12 weeks to assess the healing. This appointment approximately takes 20 minutes. Sometimes on this appointment, we may need to replace the healing caps that protect the implant, but this will be decided on the day.

Whilst you are within the healing phase, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any dental concerns or queries.

If all is well on your healing review and Dr Moss Osman is happy to proceed further with the treatment, we will then require a schedule of 2 appointments for the restorative phase.

Your first appointment will be for impressions which roughly takes 40 minutes.

You will then return 3-4 weeks later to have the restorative work fitted.

Once your implant therapy is complete, we do advise you to return annually for an implant examination. The fee for this will be included in your report. This is an important appointment that allows us to monitor and care for your implant therapy.

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