Dental implants are ever-increasing in popularity as a way to replace your missing teeth, and it’s not difficult to see why. Implants are the only permanent way to replace lost teeth, and are the only tooth replacement option that helps to prevent the problem of bone loss, because implants integrate directly with your bone.

dental implantsAt The Park Dental Clinic in Derby, all of our implant surgery is carried out by experienced implant surgeon Dr Moss Osman, who has helped many patients to restore their smiles with the help of dental implants. We offer free, no-obligation implant consultations for any patients interested in implant treatment.

How dental implants work

Dental implants are, in essence, replacement tooth roots. They are placed directly in your jaw bone in a minor surgical procedure, which is carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation here in the comfort of our Derby dental practice. Most patients experience minimal post-operative discomfort, which can be managed with standard pain killers.

Implants are small screws made from titanium, which was chosen because of its high compatibility with the human body. It stimulates bone growth and meshes with the jaw bone, to provide a stable base for new teeth in the form of crowns, dentures or bridges. A healing period of about three months is standard between implant placement and final tooth attachment, although you may have temporary teeth fitted during healing so you are not left with gaps in your mouth.

For several missing teeth, your dentist may recommend a bridge, partial denture, single crowns or a combination of some of these options, depending on the number of teeth missing, their location in your mouth, and your personal preference.

Your treatment options will be discussed at your initial implant consultation. Often, one implant can support several teeth in the form of a fixed bridge, so you won’t need as many implants as new teeth.