Below is a case treated with the latest brace on the market the incognito invisible lingual brace, this case was treated without taking any teeth out. A lingual brace is a brace which is fitted on the inside of your teeth.  Notice when the patient bites together before treatment she has a space between the upper and front teeth, and mild crowding, at the end of treatment the teeth are aligned and the gap between the teeth is closed.  

before photo patient smiling
before photo of front teeth
lingual brace fitted
lingual brace fitted at start of treament
patient smiling after treatment
photo of front teeth at end of treatment
photo of upper teeth with lingual brace in before taking the brace off
photo of lower teeth before taking the lingual brace off



The advantages of the invisible lingual brace , is  that more complicated  cases can be treeated this way,  where an  invisalign  brace may be contraindicated. One of the questions commonly asked is does it interfere with the tongue,  it usually takes 3 days for the tongue to get used to the brace. As each brace is customised to your mouth ( see our section of the blog on how this brace is made), which makes each bracket  as low a profile as possible. This brace is literally the ” Rolls Royce” of braces, and enables more cases to be treated without taking any teeth out with the minimal of discomfort.   Trishan Malhi at the Park Dental Clinic is currently offering this treatment, our contact details are tel: 01332 299700, email :