If you are interested in using cosmetic dentistry to boost the appearance of your smile but are unsure which treatments best suit your needs, a smile makeover could be the perfect treatment option for you.

smile makeoversAt The Park Dental Clinic in Derby we offer smile makeover consultations with members of our skilled cosmetic dental team, who will listen carefully to your concerns about your smile then will examine your teeth, gums and surrounding structures before recommending the best course of treatment.

Your smile speaks a thousand words, and a beautiful, attractive smile and provide a serious boost to your self-confidence. In turn, this can help you to be more outgoing and more successful in both business and personal interactions.

Here are just some of the treatments your dentist may recommend at your smile makeover consultation. For a full list of all the cosmetic dental procedures we offer, please get in touch with a member of the reception team here at our Derby dental practice.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are placed over the front surfaces of the front teeth to improve their appearance. This treatment requires minimal preparation of your teeth and the results will be both beautiful and natural-looking, as your dentist will carefully match the shade of your veneers to the natural colour of your teeth. Permanent discolouration, small gaps, slightly crooked teeth, small chips and cracks can all be aesthetically improved with the use of veneers.

Discreet orthodontics

Many patients dream of straighter teeth but do not want to wear traditional metal braces. Fortunately, at our Derby dental practice we offer a wide range of discreet orthodontic options, including clear aligners, tooth-coloured braces and lingual braces, meaning you can straighten your teeth without the whole world having to know.

Tooth whitening

Our teeth are easily stained by drinks such as red wine and tea, among other things. Tooth whitening uses special dental bleaching gel to remove everyday stains and leave your teeth far brighter.