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Traditional braces are available in standard metal and ceramic. Ceramic being less noticeable and working just as efficient.

The wires are kept in by ligatures (bands). These can either be clear or colourful, depending on your preference. If you opt for clear ligatures, we highly recommend that you avoid any staining foods and substances to prevent the ligatures from discolouration.

A common question we get asked is "how long will I need to wear my brace?". A rough estimate will be given during your consultation however, we do advise that your treatment could change, meaning there is the chance it could be prolonged. The most common time frame for a traditional brace is between 12 – 24 months.

When undergoing orthodontic work, you must be committed to attending regular appointments. Appointments are needed every 4-8 weeks to allow us to adjust the brace and review the movement/treatment process.

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